A big shout out to Dr. Clay and her wonderful staff! I look forward to every single appointment 👍🏼😄

- Saroni B.

I’ve used chiropractors my entire adult life and Dr. Clay is the best I’ve ever had experience with!

- Scott A.

I have been getting acupuncture every week from Dr. Clay and a massage every other week from Jane after a stroke in 2013 and months of therapy. Things are going very well these days. For some reason, I suffered chronic pain in my weak left side and the treatment seems to make it feel better. I recommend Dr.Clay and the whole team at CenterPoint Chiropractic.

- Brian K.

Here’s my story. I was having agonizing pain in my lower back. It started on Friday. It was a long painful weekend. I called the CenterPoint office Monday morning. That gave me an appointment for the afternoon. This was my first time there. Kourtney, Allison and Dr. Clay were all so nice. Dr. Clay really took the time to explain how Chiropractic worked and what she thought was the best treatment for me. I was very impressed how Dr. Clay listened to what I said and didn’t have some scripted answers. She really knows what she’s doing. So I had my first adjustment! In Dr. Clay’s Bio it said she played basketball in College. After that first adjustment I would bet she was also the captain of the wresting team !! I had the adjustment and a couple of other procedures and left the office feeling much better. I came back on Wednesday. Second adjustment. No more betting , she was definitely the captain of the wrestling team. Got to do the rolling bed. That felt wonderful. From Wednesday afternoon on I have had no pain or problems. I had never been to a chiropractor before but I would recommend it to anybody that has back pain. Drugs and medicine only mask the pain and symptoms. Chiropractic goes after the problem. I can’t say that everybody will have the same quick success that I had but it is definitely worth trying. Good luck to you all and THANK YOU Kourtney, Allison and Dr. Clay.

- Larry K.

I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I started acupuncture treatments with Dr Clay and I got pregnant after just a few months. Not only do I believe in the benefits of acupuncture for fertility, but getting the treatments alone made me feel great and sleep wonderful. I look forward to continuing treatment to help alleviate the pregnancy symptoms. Dr. Clay and her staff are great!!

- Emily N.

I was in denial quite a few years about how my weight was affecting my health. I didn’t want to change my bad habits. But as the years went by, it was becoming more difficult to do all the active things my family wanted to do and deep down I really didn’t like how I felt. I started the Take Shape for Life program in late January with the goal of losing 20 pounds, and I was determined to lose those 20, but still a little skeptical that I could really do it after so many years of unhealthy eating. With Dr. Clay’s help, I ended up losing 30 pounds by the end of April! I have maintained the weight loss for 3 months now! Whoo hoo!

- Anonymous

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 is a great day on my calendar. Seeing a flyer in Centerpoint Chiropractic for Take Shape For Life, I asked Dr. Clay about it. She enthusiastically explained the program (without the typical hard driving sales pitch some people use), then related her own success with the MediFast plan. Having gained too much weight over the past couple of years and being totally disgusted with myself, I immediately asked to be signed up. My goal was 20 pounds. The following week I was weighed, measured and had my picture taken. Ugh…reality in black and white. I officially started the 5 + 1 plan on Thursday February 25.

Dr. Clay was a fantastic coach, especially in the first few days when bad habits were still trying to retain a foot-hold. I diligently kept a diary of my TSFL meals, ounces of water and the “lean and green” meal to ensure portion control. Dill pickles soon became my favorite 5 calorie night time snack! I resisted the urge to weigh myself more often than once a week. After the first three days, I was down five pounds. Talk about motivation! After just a couple of weeks, I noticed that I didn’t have to wear my shirts un-tucked anymore. For years I couldn’t button the top button on my pants, so I’d hide that fact with oversized shirts. Soon, I was wearing belts because my pants were too baggy and actually falling down. My husband was frequently commenting on how good I was looking.

More than that, I FELT so much better. I have energy that I haven’t felt in years. And I’m thrilled to say that after a quick seven weeks on the program I’ve met my goal! And get this, I did it without exercising. But now, with a new drive and desire I’ve started a rigorous exercise program to get fit and stay that way. I find it’s so much easier to start when I don’t have to drag around those 20 extra pounds.

So, a HUGE thank you to Dr. Clay for talking to me on February 17. She certainly didn’t have twist my arm in order for me to realize I had to make a change. But her enthusiasm and knowledge about the Take Shape For Life program made it a logical choice… one that I am so very happy I made.

- Anonymous

I would like to share with the reader my recent and continuing positive experience with Center Point (Dr.Clay and Allison).

During December 2004, and January 2005, I experienced, with no forewarning, aching and pain in my chest, arms and hands. I went to an urgent care facility and received a vague diagnosis and was told I would feel better in three days. A few days later the pain has intensified to the point where I left work and drove to the emergency room. I received another vague diagnosis, was given many tests, a prescription for pain and sent home. The pain was so intense the next day my son drove me to my primary physician’s office and after many additional tests that day I left with no diagnosis. However, I had a lot of prescriptions (including pain medication) that alleviated the pain for two weeks. At the completion of this regimen, the pain returned. The doctor told me she suspected an imflamed chest wall caused by tension and that in a few months I would be fine. During that conversation, I was crying in pain.

After this conversation, I called Dr.Clay and told her the story. Her words were, “I believe I can help you but if I can’t, I certainly will not hurt you.” I went immediately, still in tears, and walked out 45 minutes later with a pain level reduced in half. Another visit and the pain was gone. The pain was indeed caused by tension and through her expertise and therapies she is keeping the pain away as I work on reducing the tension.

I am committed to the fact that chiropractic techniques and therapies have a definite and positive position in our “whole body” care and wellness.

- Brenda R.

I have been a recipient of chiropractic care for close to 20 years. On a weekend trip to Chicago, I found myself waking up in the middle of the night unable to lie down because of acid reflux and indigestion. Swallowing itself became difficult. I kept thinking if I could just put out the fire with water I would be fine. I tried several over-the-counter drugs, but to no avail.

At the beginning of my next chiropractic visit, I shared with Dr. Clay about my bout with indigestion, thinking that she couldn’t possibly help. She checked out the alignment of my spine and instantaneously relieved me of the indigestion. Whenever I have that burning sensation again, I make sure to treat it with chiropractics instead of Tums!

- Anonymous

When I retired at age 63 I decided to take violin lessons. My new arm and chin positions didn’t adjust to easily for my age. After about two months of lessons I developed a pain at the elbow of my left arm. The pain persisted so I went to my family doctor. I explained that it hurt the most when I practiced on the violin while holding it in proper position. His advice was to quit playing the violin. So I did. I like to square dance. Just a short time after I quit violin lessons I was at a dance. At break time I was talking with some of the guys, including the caller. I mentioned how my elbow hurt. The caller happened to be enrolled at Logan College. He asked if I’d ever tried chiropractic treatment. He suggested that I give it a try. I didn’t know anything about chiropractors but I decided to give it a try at his suggested clinic. They treated my shoulder instead of my elbow! They told me it was a nerve problem. After only a few treatments the pain went away. I could play the violin without pain and so I resumed my violin lessons. Then I started with regular monthly alignment. I have been faithful for about 13 years. First with the clinic, and then with any chiropractor that would honor my insurance. This is how I got started with chiropractors.

- Dick R.

I was in pain and suffering from a herniated disc. I have been experiencing this pain for about 6 years now, with the pain getting more frequent each year. I had been taking an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxers to relieve the pain. It did help but for only a short period of time. I wanted to do something that wasn’t going to be temporary or just a quick fix. I then decided to try chiropractic, which included manipulation, ultrasound and electric stimulation. After treatment I wasn’t completely convinced that this sped my recovery up. That’s when I started the decompression treatments and learned I was receiving immediate relief from pain and it dramatically reduced the time it takes to fully recover when the disc is herniated. I could stand up straight after the first treatment instead of 3-4 days later.

- John M.